An ongoing list of reasons why your PCT hike is not on schedule:

 1: Too hot
 2: Too cold
 3: Too rainy
 4: Too drunk
 5: Too sunny
 6: Too much snow
 7: Too tired
 8: Not motiviated
 9: Resupply box didn't show up
10: Pack too heavy
11: Post office closed
12: Want more restaurant food
13: Went to a rock concert
14: Cute guy/girl staying in town longer, therefore I must stay too. They will like, totally complete your life
15: Friend hiking with you
16: Friend got married
17: Relative passed away
18: Feet hurt
19: Back hurts
20: Head hurts
21: Awesome campspot, staying longer
22: Arms hurt
23: Mind hurts
24: Toes hurt
25: Butt hurts
26: Fingers hurt
27: Can't decide if the PCT is awesome or complete fucking bullshit
28: Sick
29: Totally, like have, the worst diarrhe...
30: Hiking too fast
31: Hiking too slow
32: Got lost
33: I got kinda lost (if someone gets this music reference, thank you)
34: Met soulmate who quit trail, you quit too
35: Ran out of food
36: Ran out of water
37: Ran out of patience
38: Chafing
39: Knees hurt
40: This other hiker who thinks I'm their soulmate is slowing me up
41: Don't like snow
42: Butt is on fire
43: Feeling too emotional
44: Gotta catch up on TV show
45: Gotta catch up on blog
46: Gotta catch up on Facebook
47: Fishing
48: Hiding from mosquitoes in tent
49: Tent broke, waiting for new one
50: Met someone famous
51: Pack broke, waiting for new one
52: Stove broke, waiting for new one
53: Bear got food
54: Freakout
55: Pack stolen
56: Rickets
57: Fell, body hurts
58: Fell into river, everything soaked
59: Had to go to a job interview
60: Had to go to a college interview
61: Tired of hiking alone
62: Tired of rushing past everything, slowed down
63: Can't get out of the Anderson's house