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I put this website, pct.video online recently. It is basically a YouTube player/mixer of PCT videos. Check it out!
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PCT Hike

Castella to Crater Lake (Mazama Village)
8-19-17 to 9-4-17
323.9 mi   21.0 mi/day
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Start Point: Castella
Trail access desc: 2.0mi road
Guidebook start location: Interstate 5 crossing
Depart: 8-19-17 (Sat)

Plan Overview Notes:
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1. Castella to Seiad Valley  (7.3 days)
8-19-17 to 8-27-17

155.6 mi
15,309 ft EG
21.2 mi/day
2,088 ft/day

CA guidebook:P, Q

Adjustments: none
Seiad Valley resupply exit    
Exit pt:  (on trail)
Detour:  on trail

Arrive:  8-26-17 (Sat)
Layover:     0.7 days     
Depart:  8-27-17 (Sun)

Cumulative distance: 155.6 mi


2. Seiad Valley to Callahan's Lodge  (3.3 days)
8-27-17 to 8-30-17

64.2 mi
10,002 ft EG
19.6 mi/day
3,053 ft/day

CA guidebook:R

Adjustments: none
Callahan's Lodge resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Old Highway 99
Detour:  .8mi road

Arrive:  8-30-17 (Wed)
Layover:     0.0 days     
Depart:  8-30-17 (Wed)

Cumulative distance: 219.8 mi


3. Callahan's Lodge to Crater Lake (Mazama Village)  (4.8 days)
8-30-17 to 9-4-17

104.1 mi
9,414 ft EG
21.5 mi/day
1,942 ft/day

CA guidebook:R
OR/WA guidebook:B, C

Adjustments: none
Crater Lake (Mazama Village) finish    
Exit pt:  Highway 62 crossing
Detour:  2.0mi road

Arrive:  9-4-17 (Mon)

Cumulative distance: 323.9 mi


Castella to Crater Lake (Mazama Village)
8-19-17 to 9-4-17
(northbound hike)

days walking

on trail layover days

in town layover days
(0.0 in town "zero" days)

Total days

without layovers:
21.0 mi/day

2,247 ft/day

with layovers:
20.1 mi/day

2,154 ft/day

Base Distance:
323.9 mi

Extra Distance:
0.0 mi

Total Distance:
323.9 mi

Base Elevation gain:
34,725 ft

Extra EG:
0 ft

Total Elevation gain:
34,725 ft

Resupply count:

Plan Considerations:
If you are planning a longer hike, the plan above might be incredibly accurate or completely off. You might find that after a month of hiking your pace will change. You might find out that you are a Secret Superman (or Wonder Woman) and are knocking out a lot more miles per day than you planned. On the downside, a forest fire might add a +10 mile detour or a sore foot might cause you to spend a few extra days in a town.

Disclaimer: all calculations and data are believed to be correct but are not guaranteed.
Please double check the calculations and trail/resupply data before starting a hike.