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PCT Dunsmuir to C Locks

Dunsmuir to Cascade Locks
8-4-15 to 9-21-15
648.6 mi   15.4 mi/day
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Start Point: Dunsmuir
Trail access desc: 5.5mi road
Guidebook start location: Interstate 5 crossing
Depart: 8-4-15 (Tue)

Plan Overview Notes:
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1. Dunsmuir to Etna  (6.6 days)
8-4-15 to 8-11-15

99.8 mi
11,144 ft EG
15.1 mi/day
1,691 ft/day

CA guidebook:P

Adjustments: none
Etna resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Sawyers Bar Road
Detour:  10.4mi road

Arrive:  8-10-15 (Mon)
Layover:     1.0 days     
Depart:  8-11-15 (Tue)

Cumulative distance: 99.8 mi

Note: United Parcel ONLY
Hikers Hut
Don Wood
c/o Alderbrook Manor
836 Sawyers Bar Road
Etna, CA 96037
PCT hiker ETA 8/10/15
Don Wood
c/o General Delivery
Etna, CA 96027
PCT hiker ETA 8/10/15

LatLong: 41.4564083, -122.8947500
Distance from Trail: 10 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 1606 trail miles
Post Office: The post office is located at Main St & Diggles St.
Other Info: The Hikers Hut opens April 15. Dave and Vicki Harrison will accept hikers' UPS packages. Nightly hut rates are $20 and include continental breakfast. They are located at 836 Sawyers Bar Road. Their phone number is (530) 467 3917.

2. Etna to Seiad Valley  (3.5 days)
8-11-15 to 8-16-15

55.8 mi
4,165 ft EG
16.0 mi/day
1,193 ft/day

CA guidebook:Q

Adjustments: none
Seiad Valley resupply exit    
Exit pt:  (on trail)
Detour:  on trail

Arrive:  8-15-15 (Sat)
Layover:     1.0 days     
Depart:  8-16-15 (Sun)

Cumulative distance: 155.6 mi

Don Wood
c/o General Delivery
Seiad Valley, CA 96086
PCT hiker ETA 8/15/15

Lat/Long: 1.8420056, -123.1960167
Distance from Trail: 0 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 1662 trail miles
Post Office: The post office is located at 44717 State Highway 96, and their phone number is 530-496-3211. They are open Mon-Fri noon-4p, and Sat noon-1:30p.

3. Seiad Valley to Ashland  (4.5 days)
8-16-15 to 8-21-15

64.5 mi
10,002 ft EG
14.3 mi/day
2,212 ft/day

CA guidebook:R

Adjustments: none
Ashland resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Interstate 5 crossing
Detour:  13.0mi road

Arrive:  8-20-15 (Thu)
Layover:     1.0 days     
Depart:  8-21-15 (Fri)

Cumulative distance: 220.1 mi

Don Wood
c/o General Delivery
Ashland, OR 97520
PCT hiker ETA 8/20/15

Ashland Hostel
Lat/Long: 42.2001528, -122.7170667
Distance from Trail: 13 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 1727 trail miles
Other Info: Ashland Hostel is now under new management. They offer discounted room rates for PCT hikers. Located at 150 North Main St, minutes from the plaza, OSF, and all the great restaurants that Ashland has to offer. Call for information and/or reservations . The phone number is (541) 482-9217. You can email them at: admin@theashlandhostel.com. They do not accept resupply boxes because the post office is close by.


Callahan's Lodge

Ron & Donna Bergquist
Please hold for Don Wood
7100 Old Hwy. 99
Ashland, OR 97520
PCT hiker ETA 8/20/15

Lat/Long: 42.0737000, -122.6030000
Distance from Trail: 0.25 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 1727 trail miles
Other Info: Plainly mark with your estimated date of arrival! Call them at one of the following numbers to confirm delivery: (800) 286-0507 or (541) 482-1299. Located in Ashland, Oregon, off I-5 at Exit 6, just below Mount Ashland and the PCT. The owners of Callahan's have enjoyed hosting PCT hikers for more than 7 years! They are open everyday from 7am to 9pm or later. All you can eat spaghetti dinners for $10, "first beer free", guest rooms, and camping on the lawn available.

4. Ashland to Crater Lake (Mazama Village)  (6.6 days)
8-21-15 to 8-29-15

103.8 mi
9,414 ft EG
15.6 mi/day
1,416 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:B C

Adjustments: none
Crater Lake (Mazama Village) resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Highway 62 crossing
Detour:  2.0mi road

Arrive:  8-28-15 (Fri)
Layover:     1.0 days     
Depart:  8-29-15 (Sat)

Cumulative distance: 323.9 mi

Don Wood
c/o Mazama Village Store
P.O. Box 158
Crater Lake, OR 97604
PCT Hiker ETA 8/28/15

Lat/Long: 42.8672472, -122.1670528
Distance from Trail: 1 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 1830 trail miles

?? Phone# ??

5. Crater Lake (Mazama Village) to Shelter Cove Resort  (5.2 days)
8-29-15 to 9-4-15

81.8 mi
7,002 ft EG
15.7 mi/day
1,346 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:C D

Adjustments: none
Shelter Cove Resort resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Shelter Cove Trail
Detour:  2.2mi trail

Arrive:  9-3-15 (Thu)
Layover:     1.0 days     
Depart:  9-4-15 (Fri)

Cumulative distance: 405.7 mi

NOTE: United Parcel ONLY

Shelter Cove Resort
West Odell Lake Road, Hwy 58
Crescent, OR 97733
Please Hold for 'Don Wood'
ETA 9/3/15

Lat/Long: 43.5815611, -122.0402167
Distance from Trail: 1 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 1912 trail miles
Other Info: No charge. UPS only. Mail to the address above. UPS may not want to mail it out without a street address, but insist. The owner says that once the package arrives in Cresent, the UPS driver knows exactly where it needs to go. Make sure to verify ahead of time. See their website for more info www.ShelterCoveResort.com

6. Shelter Cove Resort to Elk Lake Resort  (2.9 days)
9-4-15 to 9-7-15

46.1 mi
3,501 ft EG
16.0 mi/day
1,212 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:D E

Adjustments: none
Elk Lake Resort resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Elk Lake Trail Junction
Detour:  1.0mi trail

Arrive:  9-7-15 (Mon)
Layover:     0.0 days     
Depart:  9-7-15 (Mon)

Cumulative distance: 451.8 mi

United Parcel Service ONLY in plastic bucket or other hard container
Elk Lake Resort
Attn: Don Wood PCT Hiker
60,000 Century Dr.
Bend, OR 97701
ETA: 9/7/15

Lat/Long: 43.9817600, -121.8076500
Distance from Trail: 1 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 1958 trail miles
Other Info: According to the resort: "Drop shipping packages: we charge a handling fee at time of pick up. We accept UPS or FedEx packages only at the resort. Do not send via the US Postal Service unless you give us a couple weeks lead-time. These will end up going to Bend instead of the resort. We only go to town once a week to pick up P.O. Box packages. Make sure the package is critter proof (mouse/chipmunk) so try to box in a hard plastic tote."

7. Elk Lake Resort to Big Lake Youth Camp  (2.7 days)
9-7-15 to 9-10-15

42.6 mi
3,660 ft EG
15.7 mi/day
1,351 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:E F

Adjustments: none
Big Lake Youth Camp resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Big Lake Youth Camp trail
Detour:  .8mi trail

Arrive:  9-10-15 (Thu)
Layover:     0.0 days     
Depart:  9-10-15 (Thu)

Cumulative distance: 494.4 mi

Don Wood
c/o Big Lake Youth Camp
13100 Highway 20
Sisters, OR 97759
PCT Hiker ETA 9/10/15

Lat/Long: 44.3713800, -121.8669000
Distance from Trail: 1.5 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 2002 trail miles
Other Info: This is a very friendly christian youth camp. They'll hold packages, and sometimes feed you for about $5. Their phone number is (503) 850-3583. www.BigLake.org

8. Big Lake Youth Camp to Timberline Lodge  (6.9 days)
9-10-15 to 9-17-15

106.4 mi
11,055 ft EG
15.3 mi/day
1,591 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:F G

Adjustments: none
Timberline Lodge resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Timberline Lodge Trail
Detour:  .2mi trail

Arrive:  9-16-15 (Wed)
Layover:     1.0 days     
Depart:  9-17-15 (Thu)

Cumulative distance: 600.8 mi

Don Wood
c/o Timeberline Ski Area
Wy' East Store
Timberline, OR 97028
ETA 9/16/15

Lat/Long: 45.3307400, -121.7110300
Distance from Trail: 0 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 2107 trail miles
Other Info: Timberline lodge charges $5 for holding packages for you. Use USPS only. Mail to the address above. If packages aren't picked up by winter they will return them to the sender. Their phone number is (503)272-3311. Press '0' for the operator and ask for the Gift Store.

Note, there is a possible resupply at Olallie Lake store. Possible reduce extra days supplies to minimize pack load.
Lat/Long: 44.8139500, -121.7895000
Distance from Trail: 0.25 miles
Distance from Mexico: Approximately 2054 trail miles

9. Timberline Lodge to Cascade Locks  (3.0 days)
9-17-15 to 9-21-15

47.8 mi
4,140 ft EG
15.7 mi/day
1,360 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:G

Adjustments: none
Cascade Locks finish    
Exit pt:  (on trail)
Detour:  on trail

Arrive:  9-21-15 (Mon)

Cumulative distance: 648.6 mi

Catch the 1:51 pm WET bus and arrive at Fisher’s Landing Transit Center at 4:45 pm. Please note: there is a one- hour lay-over in Stevenson so enjoy stretching your legs, grabbing a bite to eat, and shopping. 503.241.3762

Dunsmuir to Cascade Locks
8-4-15 to 9-21-15 (1.6 months)
(northbound hike)

days walking

on trail layover days

in town layover days
(6.0 in town "zero" days)

Total days
Total months

without layovers:
15.4 mi/day

1,524 ft/day

with layovers:
13.5 mi/day

1,334 ft/day

Base Distance:
648.6 mi

Extra Distance:
0.0 mi

Total Distance:
648.6 mi

Base Elevation gain:
64,083 ft

Extra EG:
0 ft

Total Elevation gain:
64,083 ft

Resupply count:

Plan Considerations:
If you are planning a longer hike, the plan above might be incredibly accurate or completely off. You might find that after a month of hiking your pace will change. You might find out that you are a Secret Superman (or Wonder Woman) and are knocking out a lot more miles per day than you planned. On the downside, a forest fire might add a +10 mile detour or a sore foot might cause you to spend a few extra days in a town.

Disclaimer: all calculations and data are believed to be correct but are not guaranteed.
Please double check the calculations and trail/resupply data before starting a hike.