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2018 Duns to Timberline

Dunsmuir to Timberline Lodge
7-1-18 to 8-11-18
600.8 mi   14.3 mi/day
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Start Point: Dunsmuir
Trail access desc: 5.5mi road
Guidebook start location: Interstate 5 crossing
Depart: 7-1-18 (Sun)

Plan Overview Notes:
This is the last 600 miles of my PCT journey.

Objective is to finish just before PCT Days in Cascade Locks August 17-19, but not critical.

Drive up Saturday June 30th with Son to Dunsmuir. Stay the night and I start hike Sunday Morning, July 1st.

Start with:
Dinners for 7 nights.
Breakfast, misc for 8 days.
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1. Dunsmuir to Etna  (7.6 days)
7-1-18 to 7-10-18

99.8 mi
11,144 ft EG
13.1 mi/day
1,461 ft/day

CA guidebook:P

 * Adjustments:
2 mi pace
8 hours/day
60 minutes added per eg comp

Etna resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Sawyers Bar Road
Detour:  10.4mi road

Arrive:  7-8-18 (Sun)
Layover:     1.4 days     
Depart:  7-10-18 (Tue)

Cumulative distance: 99.8 mi

Hitch to Etna, CA.

Resupply package to Etna. Mail to Alderbrook Manor. (Hiker Hut)

May do Zero day.

Dinners for 7 nights.
Breakfast and misc for 4 days.

--> Send pkg by 6/27

2. Etna to Seiad Valley  (3.7 days)
7-10-18 to 7-14-18

55.8 mi
4,165 ft EG
15.0 mi/day
1,122 ft/day

CA guidebook:Q

Adjustments: none
Seiad Valley resupply exit    
Exit pt:  (on trail)
Detour:  on trail

Arrive:  7-13-18 (Fri)
Layover:     0.3 days     
Depart:  7-14-18 (Sat)

Cumulative distance: 155.6 mi

In Seiad, Purchase:
Breakfast, Misc for 5 days.

3. Seiad Valley to Ashland  (4.8 days)
7-14-18 to 7-20-18

64.5 mi
10,002 ft EG
13.5 mi/day
2,094 ft/day

CA guidebook:R

Adjustments: none
Ashland resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Interstate 5 crossing
Detour:  13.0mi road

Arrive:  7-18-18 (Wed)
Layover:     1.2 days     
Depart:  7-20-18 (Fri)

Cumulative distance: 220.1 mi

Hitch from Hwy-99 to Ashland, OR.

Layover (Zero) in Ashland at Hostel.

Purchase Dinners 7 nights.
Purchase Breakfast, Misc 7 days.
Purchase fuel.

4. Ashland to Crater Lake (Mazama Village)  (7.1 days)
7-20-18 to 7-29-18

103.8 mi
9,414 ft EG
14.7 mi/day
1,333 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:B C

Adjustments: none
Crater Lake (Mazama Village) resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Highway 62 crossing
Detour:  2.0mi road

Arrive:  7-27-18 (Fri)
Layover:     1.9 days     
Depart:  7-29-18 (Sun)

Cumulative distance: 323.9 mi

Resupply Package at Mazama Village.

Dinners for 10 nights
Breakfast, misc for 9 days.
New SHOES!!!
New shirt.

Side trip to Crater Lake.

--> Send pkg by 7/16

Adjusted Arrival Dates Below This Point
(adjusted -6.7 days)
5. Crater Lake (Mazama Village) to Highway 242  (10.7 days)
7-29-18 to 8-3-18

159.1 mi
12,863 ft EG
14.9 mi/day
1,205 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:C D E

Adjustments: none
Highway 242 exit    
Exit pt:  Highway 242 crossing

Arrive:  8-2-18 (Thu)
Layover:     1.0 days     
Depart:  8-3-18 (Fri)

Cumulative distance: 483.0 mi

Hitch to Bend, OR.
Resupply package to Bend, OR.

Layover (Zero) at Bend, Staying at Hostel.

REI in Bend.

Purchase Dinners 7 days
Purchase Breakfast, Misc for 5 days.
Purchase Fuel, TP, bug repel.

--> send pkg by 7/30

6. Highway 242 to Olallie Lake  (4.5 days)
8-3-18 to 8-8-18

63.6 mi
7,470 ft EG
14.2 mi/day
1,665 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:F

Adjustments: none
Olallie Lake exit    
Exit pt:  Olallie Lake

Arrive:  8-7-18 (Tue)
Layover:     0.5 days     
Depart:  8-8-18 (Wed)

Cumulative distance: 546.6 mi

Some food for resupply.
No restaurant.
No showers.
No laundry.

Maybe Wifi?

Purchase Breakfast, misc 4 days.

7. Olallie Lake to Timberline Lodge  (3.7 days)
8-8-18 to 8-11-18

54.2 mi
4,885 ft EG
14.7 mi/day
1,326 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:F G

Adjustments: none
Timberline Lodge finish    
Exit pt:  Timberline Lodge Trail
Detour:  .2mi trail

Arrive:  8-11-18 (Sat)

Cumulative distance: 600.8 mi

Take bus to Government Camp.

*IF* I arrive in time for PCT Days, take bus or hitch to Cascade Locks.

Otherwise, take bus to Portland.

Check with friends in Portland.

Amtrak back to Stockton.

Dunsmuir to Timberline Lodge
7-1-18 to 8-11-18 (1.6 months)
(northbound hike)

Important! Totals below do not account for a -6.7 day adjustment

days walking

on trail layover days

in town layover days
(3.0 in town "zero" days)

Total days
Total months

without layovers:
14.3 mi/day

1,426 ft/day

with layovers:
12.4 mi/day

1,240 ft/day

Base Distance:
600.8 mi

Extra Distance:
0.0 mi

Total Distance:
600.8 mi

Base Elevation gain:
59,943 ft

Extra EG:
0 ft

Total Elevation gain:
59,943 ft

Resupply count:

Plan Considerations:
If you are planning a longer hike, the plan above might be incredibly accurate or completely off. You might find that after a month of hiking your pace will change. You might find out that you are a Secret Superman (or Wonder Woman) and are knocking out a lot more miles per day than you planned. On the downside, a forest fire might add a +10 mile detour or a sore foot might cause you to spend a few extra days in a town.

Disclaimer: all calculations and data are believed to be correct but are not guaranteed.
Please double check the calculations and trail/resupply data before starting a hike.