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PCT Hike 2016

US/Mexico Border to Agua Dulce
4-24-16 to 5-24-16
466.4 mi   18.1 mi/day
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Start Point: US/Mexico Border
Trail access desc: on trail
Guidebook start location: US/Mexico Border
Depart: 4-24-16 (Sun)

Plan Overview Notes:
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1. US/Mexico Border to Warner Springs  (6.0 days)
4-24-16 to 5-1-16

109.6 mi
9,137 ft EG
18.4 mi/day
1,532 ft/day

CA guidebook:A

Adjustments: none
Warner Springs resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Highway 79 (south crossing)
Detour:  1.2mi road

Arrive:  4-29-16 (Fri)
Layover:     1.0 days     
Depart:  5-1-16 (Sun)

Cumulative distance: 109.6 mi

PCT 110

Need to leave Campo with enough water to reach Lake Morena - 20 miles 4L and ~4-5 days food (food available enroute).

PCT 20.0: Lake Moreno Grocery
PCT 41.5: Mount Laguna
PCT 77.0: RV Park (4 mi W, HWY 92)

Pk Wt Start: ~32lb
Air Reservations to San Diego:
Sat, 23APR16 UA1809 (IAH) 11:25 AM (LAX) 1:11 PM
Sat, 23APR16 UA5415 (LAX) 2:53 PM (SAN) 3:50 PM

2. Warner Springs to Idyllwild  (4.7 days)
5-1-16 to 5-7-16

81.0 mi *
10,211 ft EG
17.2 mi/day
2,167 ft/day

CA guidebook:B

 * Adjustments:
+12.0 mi extra distance

Idyllwild resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Saddle Junction, Devil's Slide trail
Detour:  2.6mi trail + 2.6mi road

Arrive:  5-5-16 (Thu)
Layover:     1.3 days     
Depart:  5-7-16 (Sat)

Cumulative distance: 190.6 mi

PCT 110
PCT 152 (+1) Paradise Cafe
PCT 179

Mountain Fire Closure will probably be in effect. This adds about 12 miles (official detour):
PCT 162.6 Leave PCT
FC 20.3 Lake Hemet Market and CG
FC 25.0 Ranger Station
FC 28.6 Idylwild (Jans Red Kettle)

3. Idyllwild to Big Bear City  (4.9 days)
5-7-16 to 5-13-16

95.5 mi
12,307 ft EG
19.4 mi/day
2,497 ft/day

CA guidebook:B C

 * Adjustments:
2.5 mi pace
9 hours/day
30 minutes added per eg comp

Big Bear City resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Highway 18 crossing
Detour:  5.4mi road

Arrive:  5-11-16 (Wed)
Layover:     1.1 days     
Depart:  5-13-16 (Fri)

Cumulative distance: 286.1 mi

PCT 170
PCT 266

Okay - plan is hosed!

The Lake Fire Closure is still in effect so the PCT is essentially closed from 20 miles north of I-10 (about PCT 236) to just south of Big Bear (PCT 252). There is NO APPROVED alternate. Here is my current plan:

5/8 (Sun) Ziggy/Bear (PCT 211)– camp.
5/9 (Mon) Uber to Beaumont – bypasses the I-10 walking. Yacaibo Valley Inn. Overnight here.
5/10(Tue) Head to Big Bear via Google Map (~35 miles)
Mile 4.7: Forest Service Center –water?
Mile 9.3: Loch Leavan Camp. Water?
Mile 15: The Oaks (Rest.) food/water.
Mile 16: Cold Creek Falls – Camp here.
Mile 4.7: Seven Oaks Mnt Resort. Water?
Mile 5.7: Seven Oaks Cabins. Water?
Mile 14.7: Bear Mountain Resort – Water!
Mile 17.5: Motel 6 - Big Bear City

4. Big Bear City to Wrightwood  (4.9 days)
5-13-16 to 5-19-16

89.5 mi
8,090 ft EG
18.2 mi/day
1,642 ft/day

CA guidebook:C D

Adjustments: none
Wrightwood resupply exit    
Exit pt:  Acorn Trail Junction
Detour:  3.6mi trail

Arrive:  5-17-16 (Tue)
Layover:     1.1 days     
Depart:  5-19-16 (Thu)

Cumulative distance: 375.6 mi

PCT 266
PCT 342 (+.5) Cajon Pass (McDonalds/Best Western)
PCT 369

Yogi recommends getting to Wrightwood NOT on Acorn Trail (363.4) but hitching 5.5 miles from Hwy 2 (369.4).

5. Wrightwood to Agua Dulce  (5.2 days)
5-19-16 to 5-24-16

90.8 mi
10,615 ft EG
17.4 mi/day
2,038 ft/day

CA guidebook:D

Adjustments: none
Agua Dulce finish    
Exit pt:  (on trail)
Detour:  on trail

Arrive:  5-24-16 (Tue)

Cumulative distance: 466.4 mi

PCT 369
PCT 455

Endangered Species Closure in effect (PCT 386 to 394).

PCT 386 Leave PCT and follow Hwy2
ESC 6 Enter Buchorn Day Use Area
ESC 7/
PCT 398 Rejoin PCT at Cloudburst Summit

Estimated Arrival in Agua Dulce is Sun, 5/29. Air reservations:
Wed, 01JUN16 UA1963 (LAX) 1:00 PM

US/Mexico Border to Agua Dulce
4-24-16 to 5-24-16
(northbound hike)

days walking

on trail layover days

in town layover days
(4.0 in town "zero" days)

Total days

without layovers:
18.1 mi/day

1,957 ft/day

with layovers:
15.4 mi/day

1,667 ft/day

Base Distance:
454.4 mi

Extra Distance:
12.0 mi

Total Distance:
466.4 mi

Base Elevation gain:
50,360 ft

Extra EG:
0 ft

Total Elevation gain:
50,360 ft

Resupply count:

Plan Considerations:
If you are planning a longer hike, the plan above might be incredibly accurate or completely off. You might find that after a month of hiking your pace will change. You might find out that you are a Secret Superman (or Wonder Woman) and are knocking out a lot more miles per day than you planned. On the downside, a forest fire might add a +10 mile detour or a sore foot might cause you to spend a few extra days in a town.

Disclaimer: all calculations and data are believed to be correct but are not guaranteed.
Please double check the calculations and trail/resupply data before starting a hike.